Montag, 9. Juli 2007

Geschichte wird gemacht!!!

Tja, kaum entdeckt man das Forums-Release - schon gibt es eine neue offizielle Beta von Maxthon mit der Versionsnummer

  1. Improved browser kernel code. Some pages that will cause browser lockup will not lockup Maxthon2 now. For example:
  2. Better favorite system. We found several bugs in favorite system and fixed them.
  3. Better magic fill feature. You can import the saved formed in Maxthon 1.x with this version. You can also make a login info work with a whole website by modifying the 'match url' value of the saved form.
  4. Fixed a bug that cause browser lockup when it called by third party program, like msn.
  5. Other changes are:
  • Fixed could not select 'set as destop backgrand' command in browser context menu problem.
  • Fixed could not delete individule search history problem.
  • Fixed set sticky name did not work problem
  • Fixed could not select text in address bar problem

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