Montag, 10. Dezember 2007

esniper frontend 0.8.0

Es gibt eine aktualisierte Version von es-f!

Ich hatte vor zwei Wochen auch ein paar Merkwürdigkeiten in Bezug auf den Internet Explorer und lighty zu vermelden, so dass Knut heute eine fehlerbereinigte Version 0.8.0 veröffentlicht hat. Ist noch ganz frisch, konnte es also noch nicht selber testen ...


Please take a look at the actual release notes and the changes.

For more information visit the homepage:

- [core] improve performance by code review
- [core/security] remove the general necessity of <USERDIR>/.esniper, so that ebay password is only for the moment of bid start required on disk
- [module/auction] put auction field "banktransfer" and "paypal" into a plugin, also as an example how to extend auctions with extra fields
- [core/security] removed the host binded password
- [plugin/refreshbackground] simplified refresh via cron job using refresh.php directly

- [core/auctions] parse country specific ebay page for shipping costs, as default, change this in config/ebayparser.php as needed
- [module/auction] Start/stop auctions via ajax call
- [plugin/paypal] put auction field "paypal" into a plugin, as an example how to extend auctions with extra fields
- [core/documentation] started inline documentation for phpDoc, not yet finished

- [plugin/refreshbackground] fixed effect, that refreshed "deleted" auctions
- [module/auction] fixed javascript error in IE on adding auctions

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