Dienstag, 1. April 2008


Es gibt seit langer Zeit (zumindest für Maxthon-Verhältnisse) ein neues Release. Das Changelog findet ihr unten, vorher noch zwei Fehler, die sich leider schon über die letzten Versionen hinzieht und nicht gefixt sind:

1) HTTPS und Favicons

Maxthon hatte über lange Zeit Probleme mit Favicons. Das war mal gefixt, aber die aktuellen Versionen haben immer noch (oder wieder?) Probleme mit HTTPS-Seiten. Da wird's nicht angezeigt.

2) Popups und Mouse Gestures

Wenn man Popup-Fenster in einem separaten Fenster anzeigen lässt (also nicht als Tab) und dieses dann per Mausgeste schließt, dann schließt sich auch das Ursprungsfenster. Das ist nicht witzig! Wenn mal also z.B. bei Amazon sich die Artikelfotos anschaut, dann aus Reflex per Mausgeste das Popup schließt, dann ist gleich die ganze Amazon-Seite zu. Grr! :-(

+ super drag and drop supports opening multiple selected links
* fixed problem that "Back" key can work in Flash
* fixed problem that dropdown menu of address/search bar may show while the dropdown button is not clicked
* fixed page zoom not inherited, and default zoom ratio not working problem
* fixed some encoding problems with Website Booster
* fixed problem that address bar url may not be updated
* fixed some browser freezing problem
* Use enhanced page context menu option now works
* title of detached tab is updated according to web page
* fixed problem when image is saved or downloaded by dragging
* fixed some detached tab problems

+ new Page Search dialog
+ simple collector button now supports drop and save of resources (need to reset status bar)
* if no new tab is opened, last visited pages will be carried forward to next session
* Ctrl + left click and float button save can save up to 999 files of the same name
* fixed a RSS display problem
* Maxthon Guardian, Online Favorites, Maxthon Website Booster can be turned on without restart
* the "root" directory of favorites and RSS is renamed to "Favorites"
* fixed some shortcut not working problem
* fixed crash if collector service is used without login
* fixed problem that disabled mouse gestures continue to work before restart
* context menu "Add to Favorites..." will add the url of image if the image has no link
* fixed shortcut conflict between plugin and Maxthon commands
* fixed problem that plugins are not enabled after installation

[Maxthon Downloader]
+ support drag & drop to save multiple selected links
+ added "Maxthon Downloader" button in status bar for showing download status and downloading dropped links (need to reset status bar)
+ added "Download all links by Maxthon Downloader..." command in web page context menu
+ added "Delete to dustbin" option in download settings
* improved support for downloads
* fixed character encoding problem in non-Chinese operating system
* fixed maxthon downloader tab initialization problem
* fixed download problem of documents with UTF-8 characters
* "download all by maxthon downloader..." includes images

[Popup Blocker]
+ added popup blacklist
+ added option to block suspicious popup
+ added "Send to Popup Blocker..." command in tab context menu
+ added "Add to Ad Hunter" command in image context menu

+ added "Set as Home Page" command in tab context menu
* fixed focus problem of Ctrl + O when address bar is focused
* some changes to advanced proxy (please delete ProxyConfig.xml if advanced proxy is not working)
* fixed problem that advanced proxy not immediate effective after change
* fixed some web page drawing problem
* fixed a crash problem of Socks proxy under IE7
* fixed some login dialog problem
* fixed a socks5 dns resolve problem

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