Montag, 5. Mai 2008

esniper frontend es-f 1.0.0

Die finale Version 1.0.0 vom esniper frontend ist erschienen.

Falls es schon wer probiert hat: die Downloadarchive in der ersten Version waren korrupt (alle drei Formate) aber nun funktioniert der Download.

Das Update verlief (wie immer) problemlos.

Zwei neue Funktionen gibt es auch, hier das Changelog:


  • [core] Fixed missed time zone definition for CEST
  • [core/layout] font-family of select and input fixed
  • [module/rss] Work now with PHPs short_open_tag = On
  • [core] Fixed session problem sometimes occured in IE 6
  • [core] Fixed wrong auction price parsing on some distributions
  • [core] fixed problems with ´` in auction title


  • [module/auction] Show group quantity only if more than 1
  • [languages] Added short week day to long date format


  • [module/auction] Added pseudo category row for auctions without category for consistent handling
  • [module/auction] Added configurable countdown

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