Freitag, 27. Juni 2008

Maxthon Beta

Das ist echt der Hammer, gerade berichte ich noch über die kritische Lücke im Internet Explorer - da legen die Maxthon-Entwickler schon eine neue Betaversion vor, die das Problem behebt.

Ich zitiere mal frecherweise den ganzen Artikel:

First we have to thank 80sec, a security research team in China. They found a vulnerability in Maxthon and promptly informed us. We truely appreciate their work and their professionalism. After detailed analysis, we have confirmed with 80sec that the vulnerability is actually a vulnerability of the IE WebBrowser Control, which affects all browsers and applications based on IE (with the exception of the IE7 browser).
This vulnerability can cause very severe consequences. Malicious websites could exploit this vulnerability to steal users sensitive personal information, and could also initiate other malicious actions.
Maxthon have been working on this vulnerability at the highest priority and is here to release a new version with the vulnerability fixed. We strongly recommend update to this latest version for Internet safety.
We have also informed Microsoft and urged an official solution for all other applications based on the IE WebBrowser Control.

Complete changes in this version:

- fixed security issues arising from an IE WebBrowser Control vulnerability

- fixed problem that favorites are not imported when online favorites service is disabled
- fixed problems relating to system directories, like send to desktop
- fixed slow Maxthon exit problem under some circumstances

[find in page]
- can use up/down arrow or mousewheel to scroll through matches
- the input field will turn red if no match is found
- fixed problem that match result dialog sometimes empty
- fixed problem that skin settings are not used

- fixed a crash problem of AutoUpdate when DEP is enabled
- added a print page setup menu command (have to reset menu bar)

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