Montag, 19. Januar 2009

SirReals Multipurpose G15 Applet: Version 2.7.2

Schlag auf Schlag :-)

Changes in v2.7.2:
  • Added Unicode support
  • The TS2 speakers display now uses the large font
  • Farenheit conversion option for SpeedFan data
  • Delay for X ms before removing the name of the person talking on TeamSpeak
  • Look for lcdsirreal.txt in .exe location too
  • Create "system.txt" file containing system information on startup
  • net_adapter option allows you to limit network data to a single interface
  • Now shows a window when the G15 is unresponsive or not present
  • If the configuration file changes, reloads the configuration (control with config_refresh)
  • CPU module: Shows individual core load, average load as percentage, CPU load histogram or free memory status
  • Displays up to 32 CPU core loads individually in the CPU module; top CPU graph is configurable (see lcdsirreal.txt)
  • NET module tries NDIS 5.1 statistics if NDIS 6 fails
  • TS3 module: Support for TeamSpeak 3. Click to change mic mute state. Long click to show who's on the channel.
  • RIP module shows executable name if there is no window title
Unicode allows me to present things like weekday names the way they're meant to in places like Greece and Russia. It also opens the way for TeamSpeak names with those fonts, when TeamSpeak starts delivering UTF-8 encoded user names. It also changes the way LCDSirReal looks. Hopefully, no less readable, although in my opinion the new fonts are less appealing than the old ones. However, not having the bitmapped fonts embedded makes the executable smaller. Of course, all these new features has added size as well. In the end, it evened out.
Now you don't even need a G15 to see what LCDSirReal looks like! If the G15 can't be detected or isn't currently available, LCDSirReal now shows a little window with it's display in it. If you close the window, LCDSirReal terminates. If the G15 comes online, the window is automatically hidden. While the window is visible, you can left click the slots to simulate the respective softbuttons. You can right-click to force a slot to cycle it's contents. If you need to, you can force this window to be visible always; specify a nonzero value for the option "testwindow".
Unlike previous versions, this version has a nag box.
I'll keep 2.6.7 around for download for those who really, really hate nag boxes and can't afford the minimum donation of five euros. Donors will receive a code to disable the nag box. The nag box always appears in the leftmost slot. It appears more frequently the longer you leave LCDSirReal running. After 10 hours of runtime, the nag box will be shown constantly. Restarting LCDSirReal resets this timer. Clicking the nag box button shows a donation text. Long-clicking opens the LCDSirReal home page.
Changes from 2.7.1:
- Updates fonts on-the-fly when changed in config files.
- More configurable CPU topbar.
- CPU module's VIRTual memory display shows available virtual memory + physical memory like you'd expect.
SirReals Multipurpose G15 Applet: v2.7.2
Das sieht doch mal sehr gut aus! Version 2.7.3 ist auch schon auf dem Weg ... aber ich erwarte keinen gravierenden Änderungen.
Auf zum Download von LCDSirReal!

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