Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009

SwissCenter 1.22 erschienen

Nach Monaten der Entwicklung gibt es ein weiteres SwissCenter-Release.

Hier der Changelog (man sollte beachten, dass die unterstützten Formate und Features natürlich vom Client abhängen, das ShowCenter kann mit den Internetstreams z.B. nix anfangen):

Enhancements / New Features

  • Flickr photos.
  • Now supports mp4, m2ts, m4v video files.
  • Main and Internet menus support icons when defined in the style.
  • New 'Internet TV' feature to play video streams supported by your player.
  • Internet radio now shows 'Now Playing' details.
  • Internet radio searches for station, genre, and country are now configurable.
  • Internet bookmarks for web pages, radio streams, and video streams now configurable. Removed need for URL files.
  • Enlarged thumbnail images in Compact and Thumbnail browse mode.
  • New Large thumbnail view when browsing.
  • Removed Video submenu and merged Video and DVD Video media types.
  • Can now filter Video and TV media that have no details defined in the Config.
  • Language selection now uses country flag images.
  • Improved 'Now Playing' sync on EVA700 players.

Popcorn Hour (NMT) Improvements

  • DVD images now supported on Egreat, HDX, and ISTAR players.
  • Last.FM now supported (with ability to skip tracks).
  • Now supports the Elektron EHP-600/606 and CMI SYVIO 200 media players.


  • Updated SHOUTcast internet radio to now use
  • Fixed old Photo Album not being removed after rename issue.
  • Fixed Browse by Filesystem page history issues.
  • Fixed issue of multiple media searches running on Apache.
  • Slideshows in PC browser now use correct delay, instead of default 1 hour.

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