Samstag, 11. April 2009

Spaz 0.8.0 erschienen

Mein Lieblings-Twitter-Client Spaz hat einen Versionssprung von 0.6.2 auf 0.8.0 hingelegt und die Änderungen sind zahlreich:

  • [NEW] OS X Growl support. This will only work with a build from current bleeding-edge Growl source (you can get one here)
  • [NEW] Added image upload support
  • [NEW] Images now uploaded with separate window
  • [NEW] dropped images now delegate out to image uploading window
  • [NEW] Added keyboard shortcut for image upload (CMD+SHIFT+U by default)
  • [NEW] added new context menu options for users: search for user and filter timeline by user
  • [NEW] added pref to disable direct posting to Twitter, so folks can *only* post via if they want
  • [NEW] In-reply-to support for posting and reading. "Re:" now appears as link to replied-to message
  • [NEW] User-supplied sounds now possible via hidden prefs
  • [NEW] Friends and followers now combined into one section
  • [NEW] Section filtering is now applied across refreshes, so the filter is persistant (and more useful)
  • [NEW] Section text filtering now case-insensitive, supports regex
  • [NEW] Switched to jQuery 1.3.1
  • [CHANGE] marking all items as read in timeline now only marks *visible* items
  • [CHANGE] changed scroll to top on refresh to scroll to first new item on refresh. Made it default to OFF
  • [CHANGE] switched to Google Maps for location links
  • [CHANGE] lowered minimum refreshinterval to 2 minutes (can be lower if auto-sets)
  • [CHANGE] filter textboxes now highlight text on click
  • [FIX] Timeline should maintain scroll position after new items are added to top
  • [FIX] added - and _ to valid chars for hashtag linker RE
  • [FIX] Added + to inline links REs
  • [FIX] added valid chars to shortlink regex (used for expansion): -_+
  • [FIX] shorten-url window now adjusts size properly for extra field
  • [FIX] removed installFolder setting, which was annoying on OS X
  • [FIX] added tooltips for message action icons
  • [FIX] patched wonky Twitpic preview code to use prescribed API method
  • [FIX] Prompt box if username/pass not set replaced with inline warning in main timeline
  • [FIX] made window-notificationhidedelay actually do something
  • [FIX] fixed double url encoding bug with
  • [FIX] separate prefs for replies, dms and "normal" entries now allows replies and dms to stick around longer, but not grow without bound
  • [FIX] explicity disabled handling of http auth in URLRequest for auto-expanding of short links
  • [FIX] Added check that fades-in any user images that did not fade-in after 5 seconds
  • [FIX] changed dock unread count refreshing to work when view toggled
  • [FIX] Made hover popup for filter textboxes much more descriptive
  • [FIX] set onsubmit="return false;" in section menu forms so enter does not submit; cause index.html to reload
Die Software läuft mittels Adobe AIR, ist also prinzipiell auf Windows, Mac OS und Linux lauffähig. Viel Spaß beim Testen!

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