Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2009

Frisch aus dem Labor: Maxthon

Maxthon Nach vier fünf Beta-Versionen (ich muss die letzte verpasst haben Surprised) ist nun eine offizielle Version von Maxthon 2.5.2 erschienen.

Der Download gelingt am besten über die offizielle Seite:

Die meisten Änderungen sind Bugfixes, ansonsten gibt es ein paar Verbesserungen in Bezug auf Performance und ein paar andere Optimierungen.

Den vollständigen Changelog gibt es hier … Final [2009-07-02]

+ Added icon for http document
* Changed default browser setting dialog

* Fixed addon installation problem while boss key is activated
* Fixed some default browser setting problems
* Fixed some flash full screen problems
* Fixed some problems which may crash kernelbase.dll
* Fixed password input problem of certain bank sites beta5 [2009-06-25]

+ Support IE toolbars again
+ Online favorites supports http
* Fixed some IME input problems
* Fixed some embeded player full screen problem
* Fixed some Real/WMP embeded webpage mouse click problem

* Fixed plugin installation problem when boss key is activated
* Fixed a problem that refresh/stop button cannot combine after customization

* Fixed some setting default browser problems beta4 [2009-06-01]

* Fixed some IME input problems and IME window position problems
* Fixed a flash full screen display problem
* Fixed a webpage layout problem under IE8 when script plugin is auto started
* Fixed problem that dropdown list and menu item cannot be selected under IE6
* Fixed problem that middle click on link does not work after page zoom under IE8
* Fixed a password input problem of an online bank using custom activex control
* Fixed a Send Page by Email and Send Page Url by Email problem
* Fixed problem that external download manager does not work for float button
* Fixed IME text selection window position problem under split view
* Fixed some webpage transparent problems (see windows below)
* Fixed problem that anti freeze stop working after certain shortcut key operations
* Fixed problem that close all tabs may cause crash of maxthon
* Improved mouse cursor responsiveness

* Fixed problem that Force Open in New Tab may open certain ads in new tab
* Fixed some session saving problems
+ Undo closed tab also restores scroll position now
* Fixed some float button position problems under IE8
* Fixed some dialog focus problems when windowsblind is running
* Fixed problem that maxthon does not get focus when clicked
* Fixed webpage position problem when external link is opened while hidden by boss key
* Fixed popup window size problem when popup is not opened as tab
* Fixed maxthon position problem when task bar is on top or left of screen
- Context menu skin support is temporarily removed for stability issues

[Float Button]
* Fixed problem that wrong file path is opened after Save As is finished
* Fixed problem that webpage lose focus when menu is right clicked

* Fixed problem that multiple tasks are shown in task manager beta3 [2009-04-15]

* Fixed task bar button state problem
* Fixed IME problem under multi-thread
* Fixed problem clicking certain links
* Fixed some compatibility problems with IE8
* Fixed a problem setting default browser
* Fixed problems relating to DVBBS forum

Webpage context menu supports skin now
Fixed a popup window focus problem
Fixed some Vista and Windows 7 flickering problem
Fixed a background tab dragging problem
Fixed page ordering problem of Last Visited Page
Fixed page ordering problem of session
Fixed problem copying url with context menu
Fixed a problem closing tabs beta2 [2009-03-13]

Fixed plugin installation problem when current page is blank
Fixed Maxthon Setup Center layout problem under IE8
Fixed blank tab problem in split view
Fixed problem running plugin by shortcut key
Fixed problem adding all tabs to favorites/group

Improved performance closing multiple tabs
Fixed blinking problem activating background tab
Fixed empty tab problem opening local pages
Fixed empty tab problem opening external links
Fixed a memory leak problem
Fixed a crash problem when window.close is run
Fixed problem that webpage iframe/frameset border is not shown

Open all links in side bar favorites does not include links in sub folders now
Fixed keyboard operation problems after tab switch
Fixed Maxthon Super Acceleration button problem
Fixed some reader tab problems
Fixed problem that blank page may not be reused opening external links
Fixed a focus problem opening tab in background

Fixed a freezing problem due to COM plugin beta1 [2009-03-02]

* Improved overall browser framework and performance
* Fixed some problems caused by the 2.5.1 framework

* Fixed problem that vertical scroll bar is partially outside screen (need further testing)
* Improved the UI blink problem on Vista and Win7 OS

* Fixed problem that File Sniffer and RSS do not work if Text Filter is not enabled
* Fixed problem that wrong favorites upload time is displayed after favorites download
* Improved GDI object usage
* Page zooming can now take effect before the page is complete loaded

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