Freitag, 25. September 2009

Maxthon Beta

Momentan habe ich ziemlich Stabilitätsprobleme mit Maxthon – mehrfach am Tag bleibt er beim Öffnen eines neuen Tabs einfach hängen, so dass ich den Browser mittels Taskmanager “abschießen” muss.

Schauen wir mal, ob die frische Beta hilft … Beta [2009-09-25]

[Float Button]
+ image button and text button added transparent effect
+ image button can be resized by dragging button edge
+ image button added “Copy Image” button
+ image button added "Open in New Window" button
+ text button can copy form
+ text button can copy selected text and image together
+ added float button option “Show Float Button on Flash and Media Files” for enable/disable video popup button
* input box float button is disabled by default
* fixed an image zooming problem
* changed image float button position to top left of image
* improved image saving speed

[Mute Browser]
+ added support to various audio playback
* fixed some crash problems in Win7 x64 and Win2003 SP1 system

[Quick Access]
+ added option to enable/disable (Setup Center > Advanced > User Interface > Enable QuickAccess)
* fixed thumbnail display problem due to certain special file path

Zum Download!

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