Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

Miranda:Fusion 2.0.25

Schon am letzten Freitag gab es ein Update von Miranda:Fusion auf die Version 2.0.25.

Changelog Miranda Core

– Fixed focus issues with file transfer minimize option
– Fixed auth issues caused by deny reason dialog
– Fixed dll dependancy issue with image processing library
– Fixed account manager icon sizing issue
– Fixed possible crash with IE 4 installed
– AIM: Fixed ceritificate validation
– ICQ: Fixed issue with ICQ not setting the status properly when AIM support is enabled
– Jabber: Added SSL certificate validation for Google Apps accounts
– MSN: Fixed possible crashes
– MSN: Added workaround for file transfers with Pidgin
– Yahoo: Minor translation fixes

Mi:Fusion Changelog:
v. 2.0.25 – 10.06.2010
+ Core 0.8.25 (diverse Bugfixes)
+ Plugin Updates: StartupStatus (Unicode), KeepStatus (Unicode), ICQJ Plus Mod 0.3.10.xx Build 31.05.2010, Upater V.
+ Deutsche Sprachdatei v10.06.08
+ Fix: Logan_15_ALL.asl (Doppelbelegung von Smilies)


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