Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

Miranda:Fusion 3.0.2

Es gibt mal wieder ein kleineres Update für Miranda:Fusion.

Miranda:Fusion 3.0.2 Update

– Last message received text missing
– Fixed message window popup
– Fixed group chat message highlighting
– Fixed opening directory in file transfer
– Fixed Basic authentication
– Fixed contact list off the screen adjustment
– Fixed upgrading profile path
– Fixed full screen window detection with Win-D key
– Fixed display issues with ‘You were added’ dialog
– HTTP proxy processing improvements
– AIM: Fixed possible crash in file transfer
– ICQ: Translation fixes
– ICQ: Fixed crash during avatar retrieval
– ICQ: Improved client detection
– ICQ: Fixed issues with setting away message
– ICQ: Fixed deadlocks
– IRC: Fixed disconnect issues
– IRC: Show private messages in ANSI build
– Jabber: Fixed rare crash
– MSN: Fixed possible crash on disconnect

Mi:Fusion Changelog:
v. 3.0.2 – 12.09.2010

+ Core 0.9.3
+ Plugin Updates: Tipper YM, Facebook RM1.16
+ dbx_tree vom 12. Sep. 2010 (Deaktivierung der Hinweisbox bei etwaigen Crashs, statisch kompiliert)
+ germanlanguage.txt vom 10. Sep. 2010
+ neues Skin: Fusion Black (simple) ohne fixen Toptoolbar Buttons

Download von Voll- und Updateversion für Leute, die die portable Version benutzen (wie ich).

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